Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Hearing Loss: 10 Signs You Are Going Deaf

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Hearing loss is often gradual so it’s not something you may notice right away. 

There are signs, however – signals that indicate it’s time to see a hearing professional

Check out these questions and be honest in your answers – a good place to start on your journey to hearing health:

  1. Have friends, family, neighbors or co-workers told you to have your hearing checked?
  2. Are you the only one in the room comfortable with the TV blasting?
  3. Are you exposed to loud sound levels over long periods of time, i.e. your workplace is noisy or you listen to an MP3 player every waking minute?
  4. Do you have trouble hearing in large, enclosed spaces like an auditorium?
  5. Can you distinguish the voice of a dinner companion through the din of a loud restaurant?
  6. Are you able to clearly hear the voices of children and women without straining?
  7.  Do you ever experience “ringing in the ears?”
  8. Can you hear the birds twittering in the trees?
  9. Does your favorite music sound as good as it used to?
  10. Get the point?
A hearing test is usually performed by an audiologist – a highly-trained hearing professional, many of whom specialize in their fields. Some audiologists specialize in hearing aid technology to “remediate” hearing loss. Some focus on pediatric hearing loss, geriatric hearing loss, medical hearing loss and other hearing specialties.

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